The Evangelist

The Message


You may or may not have heard the Message of Christ. This we share above all else. But, you seldom hear personal testimonies from speakers from behind a pulpit, in a church, a cathedral, mosque, temple, synagogue, or such. You will not hear them on television or the radio. It will not be on U-tube, Facebook, or any such social media networks. Why? Because, most of the messengers; preachers, teachers, rabbis, priests, mullahs, monks, etc. are simply men and/or women that are fallible just like everyone else, but want to appear infallible.  

I am not judging. No! Far from it. You see, I have been in their shoes. There is a certain image one must uphold in order to retain the respect of their superiors, peers, followers, congregations, flocks, etc. Let people in too much and they may lose them - worse yet, it could be used against them and possibly, lose their position. God forgives, but certain people tend to show less grace and mercy.

So, rarely do they get down into the very bowels of hell on earth and share with you the soul torturing heartache of their own life's experiences. Such as, the agony of loss - perhaps, losing someone they love, or more devastating yet, watching their own child slowly die day by day, hour by hour, because of some horrible disease such as cancer - or, perhaps the personal suffering of a disease, and struggling to hold on to whatever faith they have. What about the mind numbing effects of depression, the rage & hate brought on by acts of injustice or being a victim of bullying, being betrayed by a friend or loved one?

What of the pressures of life itself; at home, at work, in school or college? What about adultery, divorce, separations, or a life filled with abuse? And, what about even the darker side where there is prostitution, child slavery, child abuse, murder, rape, incest, addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography/sex?

The list of things that 7 billion individuals have to deal with every single day of their lives just goes on and on. There is no way to list them all here.

Certain men or women may not share what THEY are dealing with, but you know what YOU are dealing with.

So, when I tell you what you are about to hear you seldom hear anywhere else, it is because I have been there and I do not mind sharing my personal testmony.

Are you are ready?