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Can you imagine living in a place where there is no music?

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In The Musical Instrument, author Rick W. Jones takes the reader to a land ruled by an evil king who rules through oppression and fear. The wicked king has decreed that music of any kind is illegal; the punishment for breaking this decree is swift and severe. One young boy, David, is given a secret gift: a Musical Instrument that allows him to use his God-given talents to help those around him.  Because of his obedience to the call of God, he chooses to continue playing in spite of the king’s law. Then, David’s world gets turned upside down. This innocent youth is quickly propelled into manhood, while trying desperately to hold on to his faith through an onslaught of trials and tribulations. A powerful story of the strength and courage a boy finds within himself when he is forced to face an uncertain future, The Musical Instrument is an uplifting example of faith throughout even the most difficult situations.

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